A return to the origins of food experiences.

As a society, we aim to reach every potential. 

Like you, we’ve come to value the need for meaningful moments more than ever, and in every way we can find them. Like you, we place importance on the experience others are left with. The word ’Catering’ itself, literally means endeavouring to satisfy and deliver what is needed. 

Just as you’re now planning your event and taking care to add excellence to every detail, our Trevor Bird Catering team is staying true to the original recipe from which his international reputation in culinary mastery, award-winning restaurants and straight-up great food have grown; An inspired dedication to sourcing local, seasonal ingredients, and preparing them simply, allowing for their natural delicious expression!

Served with fun creativity, while staying nimble and authentic to whichever elements the occasion, theme and mood call for, Trevor Bird Catering dedicates and delivers the same passion towards the food experiences you’ve stepped into at his restaurants, and serves them up to become part of your moment you are giving to your guests.

"Food can and should be an experience."


1944 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

10AM - 2PM, 5PM - 10PM

604 - 732 - 1322

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Vancouver, BC


604 - 283 - 7148

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